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Formula Sound Sentry & Sentry Lite

Sentry MK2 Cut Off Limiter is designed to monitor sound levels and provide a trigger when a preset sound level is exceeded.

The trigger will normally be used to trip a contactor removing the mains power supply to the music system.

The Sentry MK2 is a cut off limiter, it removes the mains power to any equipment supplied through the contactor.


With an adjustable measuring range from 85 to 125db every possible eventuality can be dealt with.

There are 4 weighting curves linear, C, A and bass there are also two different level settings.

A large led display shows the operator how loud the noise and is visible from a distance.

An internal or external microphone can be used to measure the noise level.

The Sentry Lite is a smaller version of the Sentry MK2, one of the most effective sound level control equipments on the market today.

The Sentry Lite offers a simple and reliable solution for controlling sound levels in entertainment venues and working areas.

The Sentry Lite cut off limiter is a cut down version of the Sentry MK2, offering a simple and reliable solution for controlling sound levels.


2 measuring filters (linear and bass).

Internal or external microphone measurement available.

Security loop feature allowing connection to door contacts, which will trip the unit.

Sentry Mk2 - Mains Switching Sound Limiter

Sentry Lite